Sustainable Honeybee Program
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We are an all-volunteer organization formed under the Virginia Non Profit corporate statutes led by Billy Davis, a certified EAS Master Beekeeper. We have the IRS designation as 501c3. We are fully involved in developing a line of honeybees that are acclimated to this area. Our standards require them to be basically hygienic, gentle and reliable producers that have the natural inclination to survive the winters. Background and experiences we encounter are used to work with clubs in the area and individual beekeepers. Donations and contributions received are used 100 % for our mission. There are no salaried individuals involved. Under certain stipulations items such as Nucs or queens are given for some specified level of contributions. Documentation of monitory gifts are provided in accordance IRS regulations.

Billy works with the Northern Virginia Teaching Consortium as an instructor and writes and produces the Power Point classes used by all the member organizations. He does presentations on many aspects of beekeeping, queen rearing and Nuc colonies just to mention a couple. He has been on the leading edge of the resurgence of "nucology" that seems to have recently been discovered. Innovations developed here at SHP are slowly working their way through many of the Beekeeping organizations. We highly support IPM beekeeping, however we have not treated a colony for anything since 2005.

We are located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Loudoun County, Virginia. Most of SHP Bees are in the area around or near Purcellville, Virginia, but distribution of our lines are now in many of the surrounding states as well as a large percentage of the Virginia regions.


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