Sustainable Honeybee Program
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The Sustainable Honeybee Program is a resource for the beekeeping community. One of the methods for us to help beekeepers learn the best practices that support sustainable bees is through our series of videos. These videos have been produced by and with the gracious support of Parks and Ann Talley.

About Billy Davis and SHP

• Billy Davis - Biography - Sustainable Honeybee Program

Hive Management

• Billy Davis Making Fondant

• Billy Davis - The Hive Box the Warm Way

• Billy Davis - The Quiet Box

• Billy Davis - Finding a Colony Underneath a Hive Stand

Queen Rearing

• Billy Davis - How a Queen Castle works

Test and Evaluation

• Billy Davis - Testing for Hygienic Bees

These and other videos of interest can also be found on Parks Talley's YouTube site.

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